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Best GoPro accessories: Top mounts, grips and accessories for your action camera

Nov 12, 2023

If you've picked up a GoPro, then your going to want to invest in some top accessories to complete the experience. Here are the best that we've found.

GoPro cameras are super useful, especially if you live a bit of an adventurous lifestyle. They allow you to capture all the action with smooth stabilised high-resolution video recording, no matter the weather or how treacherous the activity may be.

A GoPro is nothing without some great accessories, though. You'll want to mount these nifty little cameras in all kinds of creative locations to get the most from them, and thankfully, there's a massive ecosystem of products to help you do that.

If you're more interested in creating vlog-style content than hurtling down a mountain on some skis, then there's a range of accessories to accommodate that, too. In this guide, we'll highlight all of the best accessories for a variety of activities, so your next video can look extra impressive.

Our favourite GoPro accessory has got to be the ZGCine PS-G10. It's a three-bay battery charger with a built-in 10,400 mAh power bank, so you can charge all of your batteries at once, and keep them topped up in the field, too. There's even built-in storage for up to four microSD cards to add to the convenience. It's a must-have bit of kit for anyone that uses multiple GoPro cameras.

There are numerous options for chest mounting a GoPro, but for our money, none come close to matching the quality and durability of the GoPro Chesty. This type of mount is useful in a wide range of scenarios, but we particularly love it for cycling, as it gets the camera closer to the handlebars and creates an energetic sense of speed and excitement. The Chesty is the most comfortable option that we've tried so far.

GoPros are great for filming watersports, thanks to their hardy waterproof construction. There's one catch, though, they don't float. That is, unless you have The Handler attached. This awesome grip not only gives you something more sturdy to hold on to, but it also floats, ensuring you don't lose your camera to the ocean depths. When you're not in the water, it's still useful as a comfortable grip for run-and-gun shooting.

If you want to take your GoPro footage to the next level, then the Media Mod is a must-have accessory. It adds a high-quality directional mic, dual cold shoe mounts, HDMI-out and a 3.5mm microphone input. This means that you'll be able to use the GoPro with a variety of third-party microphones and displays, so you can capture exceptional audio or even use the GoPro as part of a livestreaming setup.

The GoPro Travel Kit is a great value bundle of essential accessories. It nets you a compact travel case to keep your gear protected on the go, as well as GoPro's excellent Shorty tripod/extension pole - which is worth over $30 on its own. If that's not enough, you also get a handy magnetic swivel clip mount, perfect for clipping to a backpack strap or sticking to a metal surface.

The GoPro Volta is an extremely versatile accessory. It works as a grip, a tripod, a remote and a power bank all in one handy accessory. This means you can keep your GoPro charged up during long shoots, and quickly switch modes and start recording with tactile buttons on the handle. It's one of the more pricey accessories, but it's so useful that we'd recommend it to just about anyone that uses a GoPro.

While GoPro has its own handlebar mount, we prefer this option from Pgytech. Not only does it have a great look and confidence-inspiring build, but it's much more adjustable thanks to its dual-ball-jointed friction arm. This means you can get the perfect angle, no matter whether it's mounted to your bars, seat-post, ski poles or a railing. The fact that it comes at such an affordable price only serves to add to the appeal.

If you want to stick a GoPro to your motorbike, or the outside of your car, then you want to be extremely sure that it's not going to go anywhere. One suction cup is pretty good, but three working in tandem will give you maximum adhesion for your road-faring adventures. As a bonus, this model also comes with the same handy friction arm attachment, which makes it super easy to frame your shot.

We've been hooked on action cameras for well over a decade, at this point, and that means that we've tried just about every kind of mount on the market. Through this process, we've learned what works and what should be avoided. It's tempting to buy an ultra-cheap bundle of cheaply made mounts, and while some of them have their uses, we know from experience that they just don't last.

That's not the case with the accessories listed here, they'll cost you more initially, but they're all robust and ready to handle all the action you can throw at them - and we think that makes them well worth the initial outlay.

There are so many mounts and GoPro-compatible gadgets on the market that it's impossible to include the right accessory for everyone's needs, but we've tried to include a wide variety that are suitable for many different activities.

Prior to writing for Pocket-Lint, Luke had a long history in the PC gaming industry working on everything from marketing and PR to events and esports tournaments.Aside from PCs and gaming, he has a passion for photography and video and the technologies surrounding them, it started with filming his friends skateboarding on miniDV camcorders and escalated to cinema cameras and a University degree.These days he mainly uses these skills to make YouTube videos and can often be found strapping GoPros to racing drones in his spare time.