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Every Movie Coming to Prime Video in September 2023

May 30, 2023

Prime Video has some epic movies coming for September. Here is every major film hitting the streaming service next month.

Prime Video is back again to tempt you once more with a selection of movies in September. With the amount of film they seem to add each month, it's almost as if Prime Video owns every license possible. Their reach is beyond comparison at this point. As always, we try to cover and highlight a little bit of everything.

So this month, we have Sci-Fi, spy movies to thrill you, comedies, and more. There are not many modern movies to highlight, with the youngest being 16 years old and most of the others being stuff that came out more than 20 years ago. Despite that, everything on this list feels rather timeless, like movies that transcend their actual age.

Kubrick tries the space movie. Boy, is it long. Boy, is it interesting. It's all over the place in terms of what it offers—from 3-minute-long space docking sequences to Hal-9000 to the trippy wormhole sequence. We recommend that you be in a mood to fully appreciate the weirdness that is this film. You probably only know the "Open the pod bay doors Hal" reference, but there's so much more present here than just that.

It's a commentary on human evolution, among other things. Starting with apes taking their first small steps towards their dominance over small creatures, all the way towards man versus artificial intelligence. They are taking their next steps towards evolving again by reaching the stars and trying to conquer new territory. Watch it as if you were looking at a photo album, appreciating the visuals and not worrying so much about the characters, or lack thereof, and more about the themes and the experience of the scenes.

Director Sam Raimi always has such a great vision for movies. They're often filled with excellent writing, great effects, and unusual camerawork. This one is no exception to the rule here. It's a movie about trying to get rid of a curse. You can either 'gift' it to someone else, or the demons will drag you down south, much like the title. It came out during the era of PG-13 horror movies and suffers a little bit from that curse, as they all seem to. That being said, it's still got just enough spooks present to make for a really enjoyable movie.

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The real underdog story. Rocky is an average dude who discovers he's not a half-bad boxer. He's suddenly paired up to fight the world champ in the ring, and lots of money is at stake. One of the first movies about boxing, Raging Bull and Million Dollar Baby would come after to rave reviews. The second one also comes to Prime Video, but the original gets you everything you need from this series.

Top-tier comedy. If you haven't seen this gem of the 90s, you need to. Robin Wiliams and his partner Nathan Lane own a drag club down in Miami. All is well until their son decides he will marry the daughter of a hardcore right-wing politician. So they have to hatch a plan as to what they're going to do to impress the bride's family and hide from them the fact that their little angel is marrying into a family their platform doesn't support giving rights to.

They suddenly have to rid their house of all the very flamboyant decorations and teach their banana hammock-wearing boy toy how to become a fancy waiter in less than twenty minutes. It's absolutely hilarious and unexpectedly heartfelt at times, with pretty fantastic acts all around.

We do not spend nearly enough time talking about just how fantastic this spy series is. While James Bond might struggle to win at times, Jason Bourne feels like he glides through his mission almost effortlessly at times, such is his acumen in combat. Low on gadgets, most of his problem-solving comes from using everyday objects as he unravels government conspiracies. Anything from a pen to the leg of a chair will be employed in the frantic fight scenes of these movies. Most of the time, they happen so fast you may need to rewind them just to understand how it went down, kind of like a real fight.

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This is like the movie that defines what it means to be a high-budget Summer action movie. What makes it so special is that it focuses on being fun. There's no extended universe or infinite spin-offs; this movie just wants to be an entertaining stunt spectacle from start to finish. Add Antonio Banderas' boundless charisma as a masked vigilante, and you have one of the most enjoyable adventure movies behind, perhaps only, The Mummy.

It's a revenge tale made infinitely better by the presence of a wizened Anthony Hopkins teaching Banderas what it means to be a real hero to the people of California while also using him as an instrument to get back at the man who ruined his life. And if all that wasn't enough, James Horner provides a brilliant musical score that's every bit as thrilling sounding as an Indiana Jones movie.

If those aren't enough, see for yourself if anything on this list tickles your fancy.

Daniel has been writing for Movieweb since 2022 and has seen far too many obscure movies that no one cares about.

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