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“He Needs to Box Ed Sheeran”: Fans Brand Tyson Fury’s Brother “Coward” After Photos From “Terrible” Training With John Fury Goes Viral

Aug 19, 2023

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COLOGNE, GERMANY – APRIL 28: Tyson Fury reacts as Wladimir Klitschko speaks tothe media during Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko head to head press conferenceon April 28, 2016 in Cologne, Germany. Fury v Klitschko Part 2 will take placein Manchester on July 9 for the WBO, WBA and IBO heavyweight belts. (Photo bySascha Steinbach/Bongarts/Getty Images)

The Fury family is to boxing what the Kardashians are to reality TV: captivating, controversial, and everywhere. Tyson Fury, the indomitable heavyweight champion, casts a long shadow, one that his younger sibling, Roman Fury, now steps into. With every punch and jab, he isn’t just throwing his weight; he’s tossing the entire Fury legacy into the ring. But here’s something odd: if you were expecting a lion’s roar, Roman’s training might sound more like a cat’s meow to some.

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While the internet buzzes and experts weigh in, many are left scratching their heads. Boxing. media’s latest glimpse into Roman’s preparation with John Fury has set the boxing world abuzz. Not for the punches, the technique, or even the sweat. No, it’s the undertone, the unsaid, the shadows behind the spotlight that have everyone talking.


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In the high-octane realm of boxing, every move is scrutinized, every punch analyzed. As Roman Fury steps into this world, he carries not just his ambitions but the weight of the renowned Fury name. With the world eager to witness the next big thing from the Fury lineage, Boxing. media’s post offered an appetizing teaser.

First up, one fan remarked, “He’s an actual straight up cross of Tyson and Tommy.” A keen observation, hinting at Roman’s uncanny resemblance, both in style and appearance, to the two dominant Furies of the boxing scene.

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Another fan quipped, “He needs to box Ed Sheeran and completely the family trilogy.” This jest underscores a trending pattern: Tyson Fury is currently engaging with MMA fighter Francis Ngannou, while Tommy Fury has thrown his hat in the ring with YouTube gamer KSI. So, why shouldn’t Roman spar with a singer, completing this unconventional lineup?

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Yet, not everyone was impressed. Idris Virgo’s candid response was just two words, “Coward number 2.” A clear indication of some skepticism towards the younger Fury’s potential.


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One user was even more direct with his criticism. Commenting on Roman’s form, he stated, “He looks shit terrible form.” While boxing purists might nod in agreement, others might see it as early-days jitters.

Another fan added a cinematic touch, saying, “He don’t got the GLOW.” Evoking memories of classic fight films, this suggests Roman might be missing that special something, that champion’s aura, at least for now.

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The Fury legacy remains a prominent fixture in the boxing universe. Each family member adds a unique flavor, with Roman being the latest entrant drawing both acclaim and criticism. However, as with all things related to the Furies, the anticipation and speculation never end. Will Roman rise to surpass the expectations set by the iconic Tyson, or will he carve a distinct niche of his own?

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