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The Hack That'll Ensure Your Photos Don't Move In The Frame

Jul 20, 2023

While life is becoming more and more digital, it's still nice to decorate your home on a budget with photos of friends, family, and pets. These daily reminders bring back memories of good times and loved ones whether they're decorating an accent table, fireplace mantel, or your desk. You might even pick them up to look at more closely from time to time. That's all good stuff until the photograph shifts in the frame when you put it back in place. Now a picture you care about looks all wonky. If this keeps happening to you, what should you do? If you're thinking of using something sticky like tape, try using rubber bands to keep that picture in place instead.

It's true, you can peel a rubber band or two off that ball you've been saving and put them to good use. You'll accomplish your picture framing goals easily without creating a sticky mess inside your frame. This will also help avoid discoloration from aged tape and will last longer.

Rubber bands, whether they're made of natural rubber or synthetic, come in handy for many purposes since they're durable and stretchy. The non-skid property of the rubber's surface is going to do the job for holding your photographs in place inside your picture frames. To tackle this task, clean your picture frames, then remove the back to expose the photo. Next, center the photo on the glass within the frame. Place two medium-sized, thin rubber bands on the back of the photo, one on each side. Carefully reposition the backing of the frame and fasten it in place.

You'll be able to pick up the frame and put it back down repeatedly without causing the photo to shift. If the photo is on the larger side, you can adjust the number of rubber bands you use as needed. Don't have any thin rubber bands? Cut a larger rubber band and use strips of rubber in the same way. You should then be able to put the backing of your frame in position without forcing the closures, and your photo will stay front and center just where you want it.