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Wajatta Announce 'Waiting For the Get Down' EP

Jun 18, 2023

The EP will be released on September 21.


Wajatta, the duo of Reggie Watts and John Tejada, returns with a brand new EP, Waiting For The Get Down, set to release September 21st via Brainfeeder. They kick off the EP’s release with an infectious lead single, “Again And Again (feat. March Adstrum).”

“Again And Again (feat. March Adstrum)” punches with a hypnotic groove reflective of peak summer and a good time: “Don’t forget, we are here to celebrate / We all movin’ like we need / The music is getting around us.” It exemplifies the undeniable nature of expertly crafted electronic dance music. Reggie and John outdo themselves on this energetic, sultry house inspired anthem, armed with a pulsating 4/4 beat, hypnotic synth keys, and soulful and reverberant vocals.

“‘Again And Again’ came out of me bringing a sketch of it to one of our live shows and just playing it in the set to see how Reggie would respond,” shares Tejada. “This is a fairly normal way of starting tracks, just to be in the moment and to try something that Reggie has never heard before. That moment created a great vibe and was perhaps the highlight of the whole show, so we quickly got it recorded and dialed in the rest.”

Packed with relentless 4/4 kicks, melodic synth chords, and lyricism, Waiting For The Get Down throws caution to the wind. Sonically, the duo tap into their own renaissance, an acceptance of releasing control and letting what is be in order to enjoy the present. As catchy and exciting as ever, Wajatta graciously gifts fans with a collection of tracks to end this summer on the right note.

Leading up to this project, John teamed up with March Adstrum to form the duo, Optometry, whose debut EP, After-Image, released this past March. Building further upon this creative relationship, March also designed the cover art for Waiting For The Get Down. Additionally, Reggie’s first book, Great Falls, MT: Fast Times, Post-Punk Weirdos, and a Tale of Coming Home Again, will be published and ready to read on October 17th this fall.

Wajatta is the musical duo of comedian/musician Reggie Watts and electronic music artist, DJ, and producer, John Tejada. Pronounced wa-HA-ta — it’s a mash-up of the artists’ last names. Brainfeeder released their second album Don’t Let Get You Down in 2020 and their 2021 EP, Do You Even Care?

The duo describe Wajatta's music very broadly as “electronic dance music with its roots in Detroit techno, Chicago house, ‘70s funk and New York hip hop.” The pair has received love from Billboard, Pitchfork, LA Times, and NPR just to name a few.

Reggie Watts was famously the bandleader for CBS’s The Late Late Show With James Corden. He first burst into American audience’s lives as the co-host of IFC’s groundbreaking variety series Comedy Bang! Bang!

As a solo performer, he’s honed a unique style that blurs the lines between music and comedy, as is evident in his 9-minute TED Talk in 2012, as well as multiple comedy specials for both Comedy Central and Netflix, and at the invitation of Jack White, the record “Reggie Watts Live at Third Man Records.”

Reggie relies heavily on improvisation — most notably, the multi-layered music tracks he builds on the fly, looping his beat-boxed rhythms and soulful vocals into spontaneous musical inventions that are funky, hypnotic and often hilarious.

John Tejada has been at the vanguard of West Coast techno since 1994, releasing a succession of acclaimed albums, singles and EPs for such prestigious labels as Kompakt, Poker Flat, Cocoon, Plug Research, and his own long-running imprint, Palette Recordings (est. 1996).

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The track is the latest offering from The Paper Kites’ upcoming album ‘At The Roadhouse,' which they recorded live in the Australian wilderness while hand-converting an old gold-mining supply shop into the music venue of their dreams. Watch the band perform 'June's Stolen Car' live, during an unannounced and unadvertised residency at The Roadhouse.

After their last single ‘Black Lotus’, the Sons began working on their follow up. Sample inspired, this latest single is a personal track about a new relationship crossing over into something more serious. The band mixed and mastered the song themselves, with assistance from Maze Studios in Atlanta.

As a composer he has written and recorded work for ensembles including The Knights, A Far Cry string orchestra, and Brooklyn Rider string quartet. As a string arranger he has worked with Rachel Grimes, Helios, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, John Congleton, This Will Destroy You, Meshell Ndegeocello, and other artists at the boundaries of popular music.

The track is accompanied by a video created by visual artist Silas Orion. With wistful yet downtrodden animations, Orion extends the song’s themes of isolation. As he puts it, “The vision I got initially from the song was someone longing to go back to their childhood. They miss the people, the feelings, and being a kid.