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Watch: Python Hides Behind Photo Frame Hanging In Australia Home

Jul 17, 2023

The reptile was the cause of the artwork being tilted away from the wall.

Snakes are one of the scariest reptiles that exist on the planet. However, their unique and amazing abilities often make them fascinating creatures. They are also masters of disguise and possess a special ability to confuse predators with their tactics. Recently, the residents of an Australian home were shocked after a snake was found hiding behind a photo frame in their living room.

In the hair-raising video shared by snake-catching and reptile relocation group Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a carpet python can be seen slithering behind the photo frame. According to the snake rescuer Dan Rumsey, the reptile was the cause of the artwork being tilted away from the wall.

A post shared by Stuart McKenzie (@sunshinecoastsnakecatchers)

The residents of the house gasped as they watched the removal of the snake. "Alright so, behind (the artwork) - oh there it is. It's decided to come out that way," Mr Rumsey says. The snake's head can be seen behind the frame as Mr Rumsey tilts the frame. "Maybe if I just give it a bit of a tickle, I just don't want the painting to drop," the rescuer adds. He then keeps the frame on the back of the couch and later moves it down to the floor. Meanwhile, the reptile wraps itself around the picture. In a few seconds, the snake catcher grabs the snake and says, "There we go. that makes my life a bit easier."

This non-venomous snake breed called a carpet python can be found in Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. They don't have fangs, but rather "have numerous sharp recurved teeth designed for holding onto prey," according to the Snake Catchers website.

Since being shared, the video has amassed several reactions on social media.

"I'm starting to think Florida and Australia in competition with these snakes popping up everywhere," said a user.

"How strong is that picture hook!!" remarked a person.

A third user added, "My daughter would've kept it as her pet."


"It just wanted to be in the picture of things," added another person.

"I'm not okay with all these snakes showing up in peoples attics, toilets and photos on my feed now that I commented on freakin Tarzans feed! My anxiety is through the roof!" commented a person.

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