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You Can Now Save Instagram Posts into a Shared Album with Friends

Jul 09, 2023

Instagram has added a new feature called a “collaborative collection” which allows users to save posts in a shared space with family or friends.

As The Verge notes, Instagram implemented the Collections feature in 2017 which allowed users to save and organize posts into categories, but this new addition adds a twist to that formula by allowing select members of a closed group to collaborate and add posts of their own to that Collection.

Collections can hold basically any content shared on Instagram — anything from Instagram’s main feed, the Explore page, and DMs — but it should be noted that if a post is added to a collaborative collection that is only visible to users who follow that account, anyone in that collaborative collection who doesn’t follow that account still won’t be able to see the post. When a post is deleted by its creator, it will no longer be visible to anyone on Instagram and will also be removed from the collaborative collection.

Friends who share together, stay together 🤝

You can now save content with friends through collaborative collections.

Find a post you like → tap save icon → create new collaborative collection → name collection and toggle “on”

— Instagram (@instagram) March 29, 2023

Collaborative collections can be created by tapping the save icon on a post, then selecting “New Collection.” After the collection is given a name, users can toggle a switch to allow friends to join it. Once a group of people is chosen from a list (or via a search), and the selections are saved, all those people will be able to see and add posts to that collection. Up to 250 people can have access to a collection.

“Once you create a collaborative collection, people you’ve shared the collection with will receive a notification in their messages. Note that people added to an existing group chat will also be able to view collections already included in that chat,” Instagram explains. “If anyone is removed from or leaves a chat, they will no longer be able to view a collaborative collection belonging to that conversation.”

Anyone that can view a collaborative collection can save posts to it and also remove posts from it. Additionally, a collaborative collection can be deleted at any time by anyone who can view the collaborative collection, regardless of who created it. Also of note, private collections that have already been created can’t be shared with others and a collaborative collection can’t be made private after it is created.

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