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BTS’ Jung Kook Strikes Poses in Solo ‘Seven’ Single Photos, Short Film

May 20, 2023

Just days after the planet recorded the hottest day on record, BTS‘ Jung Kook turned up the heat even further on Thursday (July 6) with a series of sultry photos and an evocative short film promoting his upcoming solo single Seven,” which is due out on July 14.

The moody black and white images include one in which the K-pop superstar covers his eyes with his hands while wearing a black sport coat (with the single’s title and his name in white below) and one with a body-less pair of boots and jeans leaning on a chair along with a white shirt reading “Days a Week” draped over the front.

In others, he rocks acid-washed, wide-leg jeans, boots and the jacket while kicking out one foot, pulls at a tight white t-shirt, throws his head back, eyes closed while wearing a handful of necklaces and a grey sport coat as well as a couple more variations on the same theme.

In the 17-second “‘Seven’ Campaign Short Film,” the singer saunters into frame wearing leather pants and a white shirt before plopping down on a stool and giving his best smokey looks to the camera as a bass-heavy instrumental track plays out behind him. “Set in an intuitive and unrefined atmosphere, the images and film capture the essence of his free-spirited nature,” read a statement accompanying the pics. “The minimal setting draws the attention to Jung Kook who gives off a more mature and bolder vibe.”

“Seven” has been described as a “fun summer song that exudes Jung Kook’s unique charm,” and it marks the 25 year-old singer’s first official global solo debut track. Earlier this week, JK uploaded two longtime fan favorite songs to streaming services for the first time, adding the previously available solo tracks — the bossa nova-ish “Still With You” (2022) and the swooning ballad “My You” (2020) — to major streamers after previously sharing them on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Check out the promo video below.

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