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Peso Pluma Announces Album ‘Genesis’: See Track List

Jun 21, 2023

By Tomás Mier

Peso Pluma’s 2023 reign is on a roll. On Tuesday, the Mexican corridos star revealed that he’ll be releasing his album, Genesis — his first full project since topping the charts with “La Bebé” and “Ella Baila Sola” — on June 22.

The record will feature 14 tracks, including some of his biggest-performing singles — including “Bye,” “77” with Eladio Carrión, and “Rosa Pastel” with Jasiel Nuñez — along with fresh collaborations with the likes of Junior H, Gabito Ballesteros, Darey Castro, Edgardo Nuñez, and Tito Double P.

Also featured on the album are three new solo songs — “Rubicon,” “Zapata,” and “Nueva Vida.” A collaboration with Ballesteros and Tito Double P titled “Lady Gaga” will be Track 9 on the record. (This is the second release recently named after the legendary pop star following Grace Gaustad dropped “Gaga” last year.)

Other tracks featured on the record include a second collaboration with Junior H, titled “Luna” and “Caral” with Natanael Cano. Both artists have been frequent Pluma collaborators. (Cano and Pluma dropped “PRC” and “AMG,” while Junior H joined Pluma for “El Azul” and “El Tsurito.”)

The new album arrives several weeks before he’s set to go on his first-ever U.S. tour in early July. He’ll perform the new record, along with the 2022 EP Sembrando and the 2021 album Efectos Secundarios. The new record also marks his first since launching his Double P Records label.

He told Rolling Stone that the goal behind the label is to “support young new talent that doesn’t have the opportunities to show who they are and create a company that is totally transparent so that each artist can see what they’re generating and what they’re achieving.” Signee Tito Double P is featured on two of the new album’s tracks, “Gavilán II” and “La People.”

Genesis Track List1. “Rosa Pastel” feat. Jasiel Núñez 2. “Luna” feat. Junior H 3. “77” Ft. Eladio Carrión 4. “Rubicon” 5. “Carnal” feat. Natanael Cano 6.” Gavilán II” feat. Tito Double P 7. “VVVS” feat. Darey Castro, Edgardo Nuñez 8. “Su Casa” feat. Luis R Conriquez 9. “Lady Gaga” feat. Gabito Ballesteros, Junior H 10. “Zapata” 11.” La People” feat. Tito Double P 12. “Nueva Vida”13. “Lagunas” feat. Jasiel Nuñez 14. “Bye”

Genesis Track List