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The best scrapbooks in 2023

May 28, 2024

Curate your best photos into personalized keepsakes for friends and family, using the best scrapbooks

The best scrapbook lets you display your photos of family and friends in a way that others can enjoy truly them. It's so more satisfying and engaging than just putting digital snaps on Facebook and Instagram. For one, it forces you to curate your photos and narrow them down to just a few. It also lets you get creative with layout. And overall, creating a photo album is just darned good fun.

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Below, we list the best scrapbooks on the market today, from cheap, cheerful DIY scrapbooks to luxurious leather-bound beauties. To choose between them, there are four main things to look at: the type of album, quality, material and size of the scrapbook. (For more on this, jump ahead our Tips for Scrapbooking.)

Want an alternative to scrapbooks? See our guide to the best photo books for an all-in-one printed option, or consider one of the best digital photo frames for an alternative way to display images. Finally, while some scrapbooks are self-adhesive by design, many aren't, so also see our guide to the best scrapbooking glue.

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If money is no object, and you'd like to buy the very best leather scrapbook you can, look no further than this one from Leatherkind.

It's handmade in Italy using top-grain leather called Spazzolato – a material which is usually reserved for high-end designer handbags. The leather is lustrously smooth thanks to advanced tanning techniques. And the album has a contemporary design featuring hand stitched, subtly contrasting leather edging. It is, quite simply, beautiful.

Inside, the high-quality, acid-free pages are separated by transparent sheets, which stops your photos from potentially rubbing on each other and helps to prevent a build up of moisture within your album. As the album is 6 x 22 x 26cm, it’s one of the largest hand-crafted albums you can buy, so there’s lots of room to personalize it. And talking of personalizing, there's the option to have it engraved too.

In short, if you're looking to create a gift or an heirloom that will wow people, this scrapbook, with its luxurious leather and contemporary appeal, is a winner.

Want some a little more reasonably priced than the first entry on our list? This large-size scrapbook is glossy, bright and cheerful with embossed lettering on the front saying “Live, Laugh, Love”. It’s a top-loading scrapbook that has 10 pages of acid-free cardstock inserts, which means you can relax knowing that your memories and photos will be kept safe from dust and fading over time.

The neat elastic band ensures your scrapbook closes nicely and safely. The scrapbook has a screw-in post spine which makes it easy to move the pages around, and means that the scrapbook can be easily expanded.

This is a quality leather scrapbook from Kolo that's a bit more affordable than our first option. If you like your scrapbook to have protective clear sheets to keep your photos safe, then look elsewhere. But if you like to create your own pages without the sheen of plastic interrupting your viewing, this is a good buy.

This scrapbook comes with 20 pages and these are plain paper, but you can easily pop in any other paper that you'd like by using a hole punch. It measures 8.5 x 11.0 inches, with approximately 1.5 inch for the binding edge, so only 8.5 x 9.5 inches is available for layout design, which may or may not be handy depending on the size of your photos.

With its sleek design, this large album from Pioneer is perfect for any scrapbooking or paper-crafting project. It is made using a deep black, vinyl material, that makes this scrapbook look and feel like a quality product.

The D-ring design enables you the creative freedom to choose what you want each page to look like – you can choose any paper type and simply punch a holes in them to place them into the scrapbook, knowing that your photos will be safe and your memories will look great for years to come.

The D-ring is especially useful if you’re not certain on the size of your project when you first begin scrapbooking. And as it's a large album, it will accommodate most photos, no matter the size.

The heavyweight chipboard cover of this American Crafts Modern Album might not be to everyone’s taste and you have to store it carefully as the chipboard can easily get scratched or damaged. However, if you’re after a cover that you can easily customize, then this scrapbook is worth a look, as you can decorate it with your own paper and embellishments.

The secure interlocking D-ring binding system enables you to turn the pages with ease and gives you the creative freedom to move the pages around once assembled. The scrapbook is great for archiving your special memories and it includes 10 top-loading page protectors.

This scrapbook from AIOR has a quality linen cover which is elegant and stylish in appearance. It comes in gray, beige, blue stripes or white, and has a linen ribbon closure, plus the metal ring binder itself is easy to pop open and closed. The scrapbook is a decent size of 28 x 21cm, with the inner pages measuring 26 x 18cm, so it can fit two 6x4 photos per page.

The scrapbook comes with 30 sheets / 60 pages of photo paper, and this is durable enough to stick your photos down on, should you want to use glue to do so. However, as this package comes with photo corners, you don't have to! We'd recommend you create your design using photo corners, to keep your photos safe and archival, and the vintage black pages inside allow you to do just that.

The refillable ring-binder design and black pages are well suited for creating a beautiful scrapbook, giving you the freedom to move interior pages around while enabling you to lay the pages of the scrapbook out flat, so you can view your photos with ease.

This leather scrapbook by Rustic Ridge Leather is the perfect way to store and present your photos and memories with style and class. The rustic leather cover is made from high-quality leather that not only looks great, but will last for years to come. The scrapbook holds one hundred 4x6" or 5x7" photos, and is the perfect size to bring along with you to gatherings with family and friends.

This Rustic Leather scrapbook has a uniquely classic look, style, and feel that you won’t find in a modern-style scrapbooks. This would make a great gift for someone or for yourself, and the natural variations in the leather make each album one of a kind. The cream-colored pages are traditional acid-free cardstock with a semi-transparent sheet between each page, allowing you to attach photos to both sides of the pages.

Been on your travels, and want to collect your best photos together in a keepsake collection? This themed cardboard scrapbook has a suitable cover, leather-style binding, thick Kraft paper pages, and can hold more than 100 prints. Best of all, you can untie and re-tie the binding, so if you want to add extra pages, that's perfectly possible too. This scrapbook would also work for wedding/honeymoon photos, baby showers or a 'baby's first book'. It could also make a good gift for others embarking on a similar 'adventure'.

1. Select your photos

It might seem obvious, but before you choose a scrapbook, you need to think about selecting all the photos you want to use and how many you'd like to display per page. You may already have some printed and so you'll need to ensure that you choose the correct size scrapbook to accommodate them.

2. Think about the story you'd like to create

It's easy to get bogged down when you first start creating your scrapbook project. So to make a coherent collection, we would recommend looking at the chronology of your photos so that you can create the best story from your favorite memories.

Remember that not all scrapbooks are expandable and so you'll need to have a good idea of how many photos you'll be presenting in order to make the right choice.

3. Choose the correct size and format

Scrapbooks generally have white, off-white or black inner pages, so you have to decide which one would showcase your snaps in the best light. Plain cardstock or patterned scrapbook paper are the essential materials to have to hand. You can usually buy these in sheets or pads at 12 x 12-inches size, and then you have to cut the pages down to the specific size needed for your scrapbook.

4. Think about adhesives

The way you present your pictures is a matter of taste, and artistic flair. But part of this decision is how you mount your pictures in your scrapbooks. You can just use tape, but there are a range of specialist scrapbooking glues and photo corners available.

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