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TheraBody introduces new pain relief device: Check out great products

Jul 13, 2023

TheraBody just dropped its newest recovery device: the RecoveryTherm Cube for $149.Courtesy of ThermaBody

TheraBody just released a brand-new recovery device for ultimate pain relief.

I’ve suffered a lot of pain, in my knees, back, elbows and pretty much everywhere else. This new product looks pretty impressive and would replace any cream, wraps or roll-on products, in my opinion.

TheraBody introduces the RecoveryTherm Cube for $149. What is it and how will it help with your recovery from an injury or a workout? A lot in just a small cube.

The device is used to target areas that need pain relief with instant heat, cold and contrast therapy. It’s a compact and portable device that you can place wherever you are having trouble.

It is a reusable device that’s proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, treat injuries and maximize joint and muscle recovery, TheraBody says.

“Powered by our proprietary Cryothermal Technology, Cube’s simple preset treatments use scientifically-optimized temperatures and durations for effective relief and recovery anywhere on the body. Plus, Cube is wearable, portable and convenient for relief anytime you need it,” TheraBody adds.

This isn’t all that TheraBody has to offer. Check out the index pages at the bottom of this page for more products from TheraBody.

TheraGun Pro for $599 from TheraBody.Courtesy of TheraBody

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